Version History

There are two types of downloads. The first one is the dev-kit. This one includes only the binaries needed to create your own GBALua projects. This one comes in different flavours depending on what operating system you want. NOTE: only windows is supported for the moment, mac and *nix comming soon hopefully.

The other type is the source package. In this package one can find the sources for the GBALuaCore project along with the sources for the tools. This download is mainly intended for people who wants to modify the GBALuaCore or any of the tools or just wants to see how it all works. This download does not include any binaries at all but the makefiles are.

If you are not sure what you need, I would suggest the dev-kit version.

Current Release:

GBALua dev-kit 0.92 (win) (size: 239 kb)
GBALua sources 0.92 (size: 102 kb)

Old releases:

GBALua dev-kit 0.91 (win) (size: 233 kb)
GBALua sources 0.91 (size: 101 kb)

GBALua dev-kit 0.9 (win) (size: 203 kb)
GBALua sources 0.9 (size: 102 kb)
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