Sorry, the GatesBoy & EducatingMario cartridges are no longer available.

The websites are for archive purposes only.

For your GBA Projects (Book Reader, Instrumentation, Photos, Sound, Address Book, RS232 terminal) please go to EducatingMario,com

Rocket Scientists stay with GatesBoy!

August 2004 GatesBoy News :

Pin_IO kindly contributed by Dan Carter is now included in This program written in C shows you how to control each DB25 pin of GatesBoy.

GatesBoy™ for CID (Custom Interface Deployment)

The Your Custom Interface deployed quickly? GatesBoy™ for the Nintendo Game Boy. Click on diagram for more details.
Plugged In Plugging In My PCB
Inside Outside with SmartMedia
The GatesBoy™ Cartridge has
space to accommodate your
custom hardware:
2 Daughter Boards,
batteries, SmartMedia (tm) card,
MP3, GPS etc.

Our units are designed for Non Game Application development. Because of their enhanced I/O capabilities, our cartridges CANNOT be used to copy, backup or download any cartridges with Nintendo™ copyrighted material.

September 2002 News:

GBALua by Danjel Rydén has been updated to version 0.92, (with Lua examples).

February 2002 News: GatesBoy is featured in the cover story of EDN

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