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Programming the PLD of the GatesBoy™ cartridge

Bypassing PSDsoft Express

If you do not need to alter the PLD configuration / fusemap information, but simply to download a new ROM to the GatesBoy™ cartridge, see Download instructions

Obtaining the PSD813F2 datasheet

Download the PDF file "PSD813F2/F3/F4/F5-A and PSD8X4F2 Data Sheet (655KB)" from http://us.st.com/stonline/prodpres/memory/psd/html/ds.htm#8bit

Installing the PSDsoft Express program

  1. Download "PSDsoft Express" from: http://us.st.com/stonline/prodpres/memory/psd/html/soft_c2.htm
  2. Install (but do not as yet start) the PSDsoft Express program.
    When presented with the checked box "Flashlink download cable" you should leave that box checked (default).
  3. Download and install the Rom2Cart.zip package.
  4. When you have performed the above steps, and if you installed the "Standalone FLINK Software" package in the default C:\FLINK subdirectory, you can backup the "PSDsoft.ini" in the "PSDexpress" directory and replace it with the "PSDsoft.ini" file copied from the C:\FLINK\ROM directory.

Tips for using the PSDsoft Express program

  1. Note that the "merge" step requires its input ROM file in Intel HEX format.
    Use Bin2Hex.com (in C:\FLINK\ROM) to perform the conversion. This is performed automatically by the Rom2Cart32K.bat file.
  2. When you start PSDsoft Express for the first time you may have a choice between:
    "Create a new project" and "Open an existing project".
    If so, choose "Open an existing project", Click "OK" and, on the next dialog, click "Browse" and go to C:\FLINK\ROM where you should find, and open, "gb32k_a.ini".
  3. Scroll down the "Design Flow" window and click on "Merge MCU Firmware with PSD" panel. You will now see the equations for two 16 K byte Flash Sectors (FS0 and FS1). To check that the Hex file can be found, click on the top "Browse" button, go to the C:\FLINK\ROM directory where you should find and select "GB32K_a.hex". Now click on the second Browse button below the first, and again select "GB32K_a.hex" to specify the (second half of the same) file as the source for the second 16 K byte sector.
  4. Click on OK to perform the file merge.
  5. Scroll down the "Design Flow" window, and click on the "STMicroelectronics JTAG / ISP" panel.
  6. You may be asked: How many devices are there in the JTAG chain on your circuit board? If so, check "only one", and also check "Do not display on subsequent entry into the JTAG/ISP".
  7. Check that the "Select # of JTAG pins" is set to "4 pins"
  8. Check if the jcf (JTAG Chain File) file is "findable" by clicking on the "Step 3)" Browse button. You should be in the C:\FLINK\ROM directory, and "gb32k_a.jcf" should be residing there, and it should also be selected as the jcf file.
  9. Plug in the male - male Parallel port cable to both the PC and the GatesBoy, power up the GatesBoy (with fresh batteries or a mains adapter). The normal GB "double beep" boot sound should occur.
  10. Click on the "Reset Target" button to see if the Game Boy reboots.
  11. Click on "Execute" to perform a JTAG download - wait a couple of minutes, you should see progress messages and a dialog box: "The device is not blank, do you want to do the full chip erase?" click "Yes".
  12. If there is a problem with any of the above 3 steps look at the PSDsoft Express JTAG Download troubleshooter

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Programming the PLD of the GatesBoy™ cartridge updated 6 August 2004.
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